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Arrow Castings

Materials Cast

  • Aluminium alloys
  • Copper-base alloys
  • Zinc alloys


  • Gravity-die castings
  • Air-set sand mouldings
  • Shell moulding
  • Green sand moulding
  • CO2 sand moulding

Arrow Ltd

Arrow Ltd are specialists in the production of both cast aluminium and rapid prototyping. Operating from two locations, the offices in Newbury, Berkshire and their purpose built foundry in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Our speciality services include aluminium sand castings, aluminium castings and gravity die castings. Arrow Castings are responsible for some of the best manufacturing in the country. A combination of skill and one of the country's only purpose built aluminium foundries allows us to achieve this.

We offer a flexible and diverse manufacturing process, drawing on knowledge and experience developed over an 80 year period in the foundry industry. Over the 80 years of experience we have become one of the most diverse and developed foundries in the country.

We are expert founders and our knowledge can be shown in:

  • Green sand moulding
  • Gravity die castings
  • Air set moulding
  • Shell moulding
  • Cast aluminium
  • Rapid prototyping

We also offer a unique service in the supply of cast iron bar, cut to your individual requirements and supplied in the shortest possible time.

For more information about the services we offer and the products we can produce, please contact us on 01635 48500 or alternatively email us at

Arrow Castings

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